About Me – Christine Lackie

The task of telling people about yourself is always tough – who do I think I am, who do I want to be and who am I really in between all of that? I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a student – I dabble in being creative and a traveler who loves new places.  My newest personal journey is attempting to understand, connect with and sift out the way digital education can be beneficial as a teacher even though my past tendency is to veer away from the digital ed tech tools.  I think I tend to turn away because it feels opposite of my environmental education background – though these ideas should not be in competition and should instead support one another.  In addition, and most importantly, a negative mentality is definitely not helpful for my students and is not realistic in the digital age that we live in, work in and interact in!  I am excited to push myself in finding, sharing and believing in the balance of teaching with technology while trusting that ed tech can make learning more purposeful and realistic for my students.  Ultimately, I hope this site will turn into a place where we can explore educational technology together – suss out the good and recognize why a tool does not meet the criteria for being worthwhile.  Join me, teach me, learn from me ~ let’s build this community together.


Christine Lackie