3g. Digital communication & collaboration tools – locally and globally

Using digital communication and collaboration tools to communicate locally and globally has opened my classroom up to community connections on a large scale. Global community connections are made easier by using platforms like Empatico.

You can see how I used digital communication and collaboration tools to connect outside my classroom in the project below. 


Locally, I was able to use digital communication to deepen an environmental expedition I created by partnering with a local organization, Green Seattle Partnership. It is important to note that even basic email communication makes community collaboration possible.  The goal of using digital communication to collaborate can be as simple as students and teachers sending email or reaching out to video conference with other classrooms from across the world or using platforms to upload student work to then distribute out to a wider audience. Locally and globally, personal connection and widening student perspectives gives our students the 21st Century Skills they need in the global world they are and will continue to live in and be exposed to.  In addition, widening educator’s perspectives by opening up opportunities for larger local and global PLC conversations.

In my blog post, Creative Communication and Global Collaboration ~ Digital Tools and Toothpaste, I talk about Teachers Guide to Global Collaboration which is an unbranded, user-driven resource for teachers looking for projects and resources to collaborate with other classes around the world.  Through the Teachers Guide to Global Collaboration, educators can:

  • Learn about how to use the guide
  • Find global projects that fit with classroom goals and interest
  • Have access to guides, curriculum, communities, and organizations
  • Share a global project or an organization’s resources


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