6a. Effectively implement ISTE Standards

Engage in continual learning to deepen content and pedagogical knowledge in technology integration and current and emerging technologies necessary to effectively implement the Standards•S and Standards•T

Throughout my education at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) for the Digital Education Leadership (DEL) graduate program, I have been exposed to many experiences within the program that have deepened my content and pedagogical knowledge with current and emerging technologies. Below are 4 experiences that were extensions from the DEL program and have helped me to learn how to effectively implement the ISTE standards for students, teachers, educational leaders and coaches. Each experience has taught me so much and has helped me to continually grow as a digital education leader and have a growth mindset as an educator. 

Seesaw Ambassador

I have been learning a lot about Seesaw these past 2 years. After implementing it within my own classroom and helping support a colleague with implementation, I decided to do the Seesaw Ambassador training. This became especially helpful after the 2020 school closures.  The experience of becoming an ambassador and the professional learning community that came with it, became invaluable as I launched into being a Seesaw trainer at my school in order for continuous learning to happen.  

MIE Expert Training

I am currently in the midst of taking Microsoft Innovative Educator classes through my school district. We are a Microsoft district and these trainings will be a valuable way to effectively implement the ISTE standards for Students and Teachers.. 

EdCamp: Puget Sound

The experiences that I have had attending EdCamp Unconference have been unique, tailored and long-lasting.  My professional learning community (PLC) has grown exponentially because of EdCamp and with each EdCamp Unconference that I have attended, I have come away with ideas of how to engage my students with educational technology in an innovative and thoughtful manner. This has translated to me sharing with colleagues and parents new emerging technologies as well as trying out new lessons, platforms and tools with my students. It has helped me to be brave and try new experiences in the classroom for myself and students.  


I won a free Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) conference registration at EdCamp for the 2020 conference.  I was also given the opportunity to present my Tech Etiquette presentation at the Ignite session during the conference. This experience was incredible because of the wide variety of topics covered in the conference and the community of educators, experts, and resources that I connected with throughout the conference.