6c. Reflect on professional practice

Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment

This is one of my favorite quotes and is critical when evaluating and reflecting on how to improve professional practices and strengthen technology-enhanced learning experiences. In my blog post, How Culture Creates Room for Coaching and Collaboration (or… Culture – it’s what’s for breakfast!), I emphasize the importance of both strategy and culture to move ideas forward but without a strong culture in place, strategy will not move forward on its own, long term. 

Education can become stagnant and out of date if there is not an effort to learn and grow from rich professional learning programs, colleagues, and mentors.  Coaches are a key team member in supporting educators who are at the forefront of keeping up with the ever-changing digital climate within and outside of education. Creating a culture that provides a safe space for educators to explore new digital best practices for teaching, learning, and assessments can prove to be a challenging yet exciting experience.  Taking the time to really understand one’s own disposition and place in the educational movement and reflect on what is working and what is not with those we collaborate with will help to build a culture that supports the wonderful digital education strategies that can best support students.