3b. Maintain and manage a variety of digital tools

3b: Maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources for teacher and student use in technology-rich learning environments

There are three platforms that I have been using regularly to maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources for students and teachers – Twitter, Wakelet and Seesaw.  Below is an excerpt from my blog post, Learn and Lead: Twitter, Wakelet, Goal Setting and How Trees Talk to Each Other Through the ‘Wood Wide Web’ speaking to the importance of providing technology-rich learning environments with strong resources and how collaboration supports this:

After learning through a resource like Twitter, having a place to curate the many resources learned about is an important way to track and remember all the learning.  I have started to use Wakelet to keep track of the ideas and tools that I am compiling throughout the DEL program, from fellow cohort members, from PD trainings and conversations with colleagues and friends.

I have heard about other curation tools but for me, this one has been the most user friendly, so far. Also, you can follow other users and learn from the resources they have collected and begin creating a personalized network of connections. This provides an opportunity to teach others about the resources that are working well for you while simultaneously giving you the ability to learn from others about what they feel are worthwhile enough to be saving in their Wakelet. I could see this tool being a way to have far-reaching collaboration locally and globally.  It makes me think of the ‘Wood Wide Web’ and network of mycorrhizal fungi. I always take comfort in the idea of connecting how we mimic our natural world. If done so thoughtfully, it could result in something almost as magical as mentioned in the video below…and how we could be more aware of what is hurting the positive way that digital education could be used within our education system.

Platforms like Twitter can be a great place to see resources in action that other educators have used.  Then, using a platform like Wakelet as a place to curate these resources and ideas can expand outward to my community and have a wider reach locally and globally.  Once educators find these vetted resources, they can then incorporate student-friendly resources into class lessons and activities in Seesaw so that students have access to a variety of ways to share their own voice and become creators instead of passive consumers of content.  


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