5a. Equitable access

Model and promote strategies for achieving equitable access to digital tools and resources and technology-related best practices for all students and teachers

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) explains the essential conditions required for equitable access to technology tools and resources as well as what educators can do to ensure best practices for technology-related teaching.

Retrieved from https://id.iste.org/connected/standards/essential-conditions/equitable-access

You can read more about the 3 values and guiding principles that shape my practice as a digital education leader in my blog post, Digital Learning Mission Statement.  In addition to these values and guiding principles, I am working to educate the school community, educators, administration and families, about the importance of equitable access to technology for all students by creating PTA supported workshops, Professional Development for teachers and how-to sessions to dispel the myth of screen time being a passive activity.  My goal is to shift stakeholder’s mindset into how active, creative, and collaborative technology can be for students and how access and technology education is also about equity for all. You can read more about this in my blog post, Coaching All: Thinking about the whole school community – educators, parents and caregivers.