4a. Conduct needs assessments

4a: Technology coaches conduct needs assessments, develop technology-related professional learning programs, and evaluate the impact on instructional practice and student learning

In my blog post, Word-Of-Mouth = Evidence-Based: Merging word of mouth momentum with evidence-based EdTech implementation, I write about the importance of a needs assessment to develop professional learning programs related to technology use.  The evaluation of this needs assessment directly correlates with how to best take the results, dissect them in-depth, and make decisions that will have a positive impact within a school for both educators and students. 

After I conducted a needs assessment, it became apparent that some of what I had wondered educators may need was correct but also there were differentiated needs that I had not anticipated. Professional development (PD) that educators expressed interest in having to better support student learning helped me to restructure my initial plan in order to meet educators where they are.  You can read my needs assessment, results, findings, and next steps below.


The impact the next steps from the needs assessment have already had on instructional practice has been evident in how teachers are maintaining a growth mindset after getting PD around technology tools implementation. After the sudden closure of our school district, I got to put into practice differentiated PD for teachers who were needing support with how to use Seesaw as a platform for student learning and engagement. In addition, I am rolling out how to use IXL and RazKids but I am doing this more slowly so educators are not overwhelmed with this sudden shift to emergency remote learning. Finally, differentiation has been key for positively supporting instructional practice growth because teachers are attending what they need, when they need it and immediately applying it to their emergency remote learning classroom.