2g: Assess student learning & technology literacy

Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to continuously assess student learning and technology literacy by applying a rich variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with content and student technology standards

Formative and summative assessments and technology literacy within the classroom, are the first steps toward fine-tuning how to improve educational environments for students.  In my blog post, Empowering Learners, I speak to the ways in which Seesaw can help to support a variety of assessments as well as tapping into student choice and voice for a diverse set of learners.  

A critical piece when assessing students is the self-reflection of learning.  Learning Management Systems (LMS), like Seesaw, enables teachers and students to give quick and detailed feedback in order to adjust teaching to better align with student learning with content standards.

In order to showcase how a LMS like Seesaw can support a rich variety of assessment tools, I created PD for educators and our community through a PTA event open to all stakeholders.  In my blog post, Coaching All: Thinking about the whole school community – educators, parents and caregivers, I speak to the importance of gaining the trust of both colleagues and the whole school community in order to gain acceptance and a belief that technology can provide a rich variety of data, insight, and guidance for educators, families, and students.