1d: Initiate & sustain technology innovations & manage the change process

1d: Implement strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and manage the change process in schools and classrooms 

How the change process in schools is introduced and designed is critical when wanting longevity and acceptance for the change being advocated for.  Using a Learning Design Matrix to determine strategies and the why/how for change will help to make the design for change meaningful for all and meaningful in a variety of ways. 


To manage change successfully, for educators and students, education coaches can keep in mind the 4 quadrants above and what will help the change be overarching in all categories versus applying only to one portion of the matrix.  

During the Covid-19 closure for my district, my school quickly realized that in order to better serve our students and families, we needed to use designs such as the Learning Design Matrix (LDM) to think about how to best use educational technology to continue learning. Since I had already implemented Seesaw within my own classroom, I set out to train other teachers on how to set up, use and plan activities for their students and families. Using the LDM, teachers could pick one or more targets from each of the matrices to base their activities off of.  Using a LDM can be successful and even inspiring for educators because they realize they are already incorporating elements of these learning designs in their normal day to day. I mention the importance of using prior knowledge to activate risk taking when it comes to incorporating new technologies and pedagogies in my blog post A Pinch, a Dash and a Smidgen ~ Blending 21st Century Skills with Proven Practices.  Much like learning a new recipe, educators use the background knowledge of what they already know (their schema) and build upon that to implement new ideas.  This same process of learning a new recipe can be used for initiating and sustaining any technology innovations.    


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